3 Travel Tips for the Elderly

8th March 2017

It may only be February but for those of you who are lucky enough to leave this cold weather behind and travel to new destinations, or for those of you planning your summer holidays now, here are some travel tips!


According to a survey conducted amongst 100 people above 60, the number 1 reason for not traveling was ‘lack of funds’. Depending on where you live and where you would like to travel, a ‘lack of funds’ may not necessarily be a deterrent for you. For instance, your daily cost of living in the UK would probably be much higher than your daily costs while traveling to low cost holiday destinations.

Consider your daily costs of living and where you could cut down or avoid costs all together. An interesting example used by retirees Jane and Duncan Dempster-Smith, self proclaimed nomadic semi-retirees, is that of coffee. How many coffees do you drink a day? Two coffees a day cost around £6, that’s £2190 a year. Cutting down to just one coffee a day would save you £1095, which you could put towards your next holiday.

So, are there any ways in which you could cut down your spending to save for a holiday?

Pre-Travel Check-up

Book a pre-travel check-up with your doctors! Get your doctor’s sign off before travelling. Further, try to improve your physical fitness before your trip. Even if your main mode of transport on holiday will be buses or trains, you will most likely be more active on holiday than on an average day back home. Ensure that you can really enjoy your holiday by getting fit and building up your stamina. Wear comfortable, flat shoes and stay hydrated!

Be Open

Be open to new places and experiences. To truly enjoy your holiday you must be comfortable with trying new things. Ask locals for their suggestions rather than only following travel guides! Glimpses of the way locals actually live will add spice to your trip and those experiences will most likely turn into the best travel stories. Planning too much and following travel guides may take some of the adventure out of your trip.