The Best Apps for the Elderly

16th December 2016

The Best Apps for the Elderly

The Benefits of Apps

When you think of apps its natural to automatically associate them with millennials. However, there are a number of benefits apps can offer the elderly. They can help you improve your lifestyle – for instance, by reminding you to take medicine & eat healthy or guide you through exercises & light physio. Further, they present you with a number of ways to stay engaged and ensure that you do not fall victim to social isolation.  

As Keystone Tech’s research has clearly indicated, smartphone and tablet apps allow seniors to:

  • Keep their minds active and engaged
  • Stay connected with friends and family
  • Keep abreast on news and world events
  • Set reminders for physician appointments and to take medicines
  • Pay bills online
  • Get quick, to-the-point medical information
  • Listen to their favorite music
  • Stay well read
  • Easily take and save notes
  • Be entertained

Further, some apps are ideal for challenging yourself and keeping your brain engaged reduces your chances of developing dementia.

Below are a number of apps that could be useful to you! Most of the apps listed are free.

Helpful Apps 

Pill Reminder Pro – Enter the name of your medication, dosage, frequency, and what time of the day you need to take it, and Pill Reminder sends a message via PUSH alert to remind you. 

Dragon Dictation – This app lets you dictate text that you can either email, message, or post on Facebook or Twitter. You can also dictate reminders to yourself to save on your phone for later. 

VizWiz – VizWiz helps partially sighted users take photos with their phones, ask questions and get spoken answers.

Vouchercloud – This app gives you discount vouchers for restaurants, cinemas and other high street shops in your area that are currently offering discounts.

Social Media Apps

Social Media plays an important role in fostering the feeling of connectedness and reduces social isolation. Combating loneliness by using social media apps on your phone or tablet is one way to ensure mental wellbeing as you age. 

Facebook – You’ve probably heard of this one if you aren’t already on it! Facebook is great for sharing news, photos and other information. Additionally, keeping track of what your grandchildren are up to is made much easier as you can see all their photos as soon as they upload them!

Skype and/or FaceTime (for Apple users) – Both apps are great ways of keeping in touch with family and friends with just a click of a button. You can not only message but video call and see loved ones that you would otherwise be unable to.

BBC iPlayer – iPlayer allows you to watch TV programs you may have missed at your convenience!

News & Reading Related Apps 

Kindle – The app grants you access to a vast collection of ebooks on you iPad, iPhone, or Android. You can even sync it across all your devices. 

Prismatic – This could be the only news app you need. News stories from a wide range of sources are accessible through an easy-to-use interface. The stories presented are based on your stated interests, and the app also learns the types of stories you like based on articles that you’ve previously read on the app.

Audible – Audible is the foremost source of audio books online, with over 180,000 titles available. The free alternative to audiobooks from Audible is LibriVox, which also provides thousands of audiobooks.

R Jaura