Carer of the Month – Joy

24th October 2016

Carer of the Month - Joy

With over 20 years of experience in the care industry, Joy is one of Vida’s lead carers. Joy’s first-hand experience of caring for her loved ones–her mother and sister who both suffered from cancer–has only increased her passion for caring for others.

The Beginning

“I started working in care because of my mother. I used to help care for her when she was diagnosed with cancer. We were constantly taking her to the hospital and I remember it was the health care assistants that helped us more than anyone else.” Joy’s experience of dealing with sub par hospital care led her to the realisation that the care industry was where she needed to, and, wanted to work.

She began her care career at a residential home. “I remember bringing my son with me to work, he was only 3 or 4 years old and the elderly residents at the home loved playing with him.” She explained that she enjoyed working there as she met interesting individuals with colourful pasts and felt that she was making a valuable contribution to their lives.

Advice for Carers

Joy’s position as one of Vida’s lead carers is cemented by her industry experience and personable approach to all her clients. She explained that over the past 20 years the most important lesson she has learnt is that nothing beats patience and compassion when dealing with clients. As each client’s needs are different, each client-carer relationship is different. “You have to know your boundaries, even if a client requires care they may be uncomfortable with too much personal care. It’s about accommodating their needs and preferences.”

Joy’s Vida Experience

Joy explained that from the first day of induction she could feel Vida’s ethos and family style approach to care. “Everyone treated us (new carers) like family – they really took care of us.” Besides the direct care team, buddies (Vida’s ‘corporate side’ employees) make sure that all carers are comfortable and that their queries are addressed.

“Out of all the places I’ve worked in the past 20 years, Vida is the only company who treats us (carers) like family.”

R Jaura