Free Care for Corporations

17th November 2016

Free Care for Corporations

Vida offers care solutions for families as well as corporations and their employees

Juggling Care Responsibilities & Work

According to Hartley UK’s research for Vida, one out of three elderly people rely on their children or grandchildren as their main care providers. On the other hand, studies conducted by the CIPD (the professional body for HR and People Development in the UK) report that individuals in the workplace find it increasingly difficult to cope with caring responsibilities. The practical and financial challenges of caring for an elderly relative while being employed are further reflected in statistics:

1. More than 70% of individuals with care responsibilities worry about their elderly relatives being on their own at home.

2. One of the top three reasons for absences from work is that employees have family or caring responsibilities.

3. One in six individuals has taken time off to care for an elderly relative and finds it difficult to juggle their professional life with the responsibility of caring.


Inevitably, employees’ concerns and care responsibilities have consequences on corporations. One in three corporations are hit with absences due to caring responsibilities and only one in six have policies to help employees better balance their personal and professional lives. As a direct result, absenteeism within corporations is increasing. Even amongst the corporations that have policies in place and give employees time off to care for dependents, the majority do not pay their employees for this time.

Absenteeism reduces a corporation’s efficiency, therefore, corporations should support their employees where possible to ensure high productivity.

Vida’s Initiative

In an effort to help individuals with caring responsibilities as well as corporations, Vida has launched an initiative in which we partner with corporations to provide their employees with free care for their loved ones. Employees will benefit from 5 hours of free care for any of their loved ones that require care (aged 18 and above), a free care assessment by one of our Senior Care Managers, and will receive an additional 5 hours of free care if they refer our service to others.

In the spirit of the Holiday Season, Vida aims to help the community. This particular Corporate Initiative will benefit all parties; employers will benefit from increased productivity amongst employees, employees will no longer have to take time off work or have to worry about their loved ones, and those whom require care will be matched with their ideal carer (in terms of skills and personality)!

To learn more please call us or book a complimentary care assessment for your loved one.

R Jaura