“Humans of Vida”

26th September 2016

Vida's spin on "Humans of London"



What is your favorite childhood memory? –
“A kind mother. My father was killed in the war and she looked after my sister and I when we were children.”

Are you and your sister close? –
“My sister is in Australia, I’ve visited her twice. She’s two years older than me and I don’t see her often. She went to Australia after the war, a lot of people did.

Do you have any funny childhood memories with your sister? –
“I have lots of good memories, I can’t think of one particularly funny one. But I like a joke.”



What are you most proud of? -
“My daughter, Sarah. She is an Intensive Care Nurse, so she saves lives all the time.”

What excites you in life? - “Good scenery.”

What gets better as you get older - “Leisure time.”

Tell us about your hobbies -
"Photography and archeology. I just finished an archeology expedition where we uncovered a medieval graveyard and dug up around 700 skeletons.”



What are your thoughts on marriage? -
“I’m not married but I have a lot of nieces and nephews. My mother died when I was 15 and when my sister told me the facts of life I couldn’t even sit next to a chap on the bus. Today people live in and have half a dozen children and some exotic wedding on a beach - thats not marriage.”

Have you always lived in London? -
“Yes. When you live in a place you don't see it in the way others do. I like poetry, theres a poem about Westminster Bridge by Wordsworth - its nothing like todays Westminster Bridge."

What do you do in your free time? -
“I go to a charity shop where they sell loads of children’s books. They only charge 10 pence and they’re in mint condition. This is a good one - Fighting Dragons, and this one The Pirate School. I read them and then give them to another charity. When I see children with those things on the bus (to which I said— iPads?) Yes, those, I'm surprised.”

R Jaura