Solving the Care Crisis

9th November 2016

Solving the Care Crisis

The Crisis

Areas of the NHS will implode this winter, experts warn,” Complaints soar as elderly are failed by social care services,” “Social Care: A crisis of politics as well as finance,” “Care: The problem no-one can fix” –  these are just a few of the countless headlines warning readers of the dismal state of the NHS and health care sector in the UK. The NHS’ failure to meet increasing care demands, the escalating issue of bed blocking and the problems people are facing with care homes and low quality in-home carers are the fundamental issues that led to Vida’s inception. Vida is a technology platform that delivers high quality care for elderly people in the comfort of their homes. Vida currently operates in London with over 100 high quality carers on the platform, backed by technology that increases efficiency in the delivery of care.

Bed blocking is becoming increasingly common due to the lack of care options available to elderly people post hospital treatments. According to government statistics, 2 in 3 hospital beds are occupied by people aged above 65. What the NHS requires in order to solve this problem is quality carers who can provide great after care. With a growing elderly population (it is estimated that 2.4 million people will be aged above 85 by 2027) we must find a solution to these problems now.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has found that “over 40% of care and nursing homes and home care services have problems with safety.” Thus, even established institutions are falling short on care and safety standards. One of the main reasons cited for this is the carers’ and nurses’ “lack of skills.”

The Solution

Here at Vida we strive to deliver a sustainable solution. Superior care, industry leading training, a personalised end-to-end service, and technology to streamline these processes, are the four pillars upon which Vida was founded and this is reflected in the care we deliver.

Vida carers are well equipped with technical training that is well above the industry standard. They receive clinical and first aid training (unlike the majority of carers in the industry), and are educated on nutritional and health guidelines. These skills along with the practical, hands-on expertise our carers gain while shadowing Vida’s lead carers (with 20-25 years of industry experience) ensure that they are the best in the business. Vida’s aim is to bridge the gap between healthcare assistants and carers.

We ensure that our carers understand the importance of providing a personalised service. Our Senior Care Managers assess individuals’ needs, draft client specific care plans, and match clients with ideal carers – in terms of requirements, skills and personality. In addition, we offer a range of care options – from a discharge service or 1 hour session to live-in care options.

The App

Vida’s technology is used to streamline the entire care process and ensure the efficiency of our end-to-end service. Our app is currently being developed and will tackle three issues. First, it will help Vida manage the growing network of carers and clients, addressing complex logistical issues. Second, the app will help carers track their appointments, refer to clients’ care plans and medications, and update client profiles. Third, the client app will allow the next-of-kin to keep tabs on carers, manage their loved one’s well-being and care plan, and have greater transparency and information on the care provided.


Brexit’s influence on the care industry will be felt over the next decade as the majority of carers (EU citizens) will face barriers to continued employment and the future supply of carers will be disrupted. Vida aims to address this by opening up the market for carers and making the role of a carer a viable and attractive career option. Vida carers are well remunerated, well trained, up-skilled and provided with a clear career progression plan.

Thus, Vida strives to help alleviate the pressure on the NHS and care industry by providing people with a streamlined and superior care option. Our technology will offer increased access to and transparency of information for clients and their next-of-kin. It will also ensure that the care process is more efficient for care providers and clients. The need for change in the care industry is pressing and Vida aims to be the face of this change.

R Jaura