The Vida Difference

16th September 2016

The Vida Difference

The news of Sevacare grossly underpaying its carers has been making headlines since last week and at Vida we feel strongly about this issue.

Although the value of a carer’s work can be hard to measure, this is no excuse for undervaluing it. At Vida we believe that the undervaluing of carers not only disrespects the importance of care work but has a direct impact on the way carers themselves perceive of their importance in a client’s life. Vida aims to provide a solution to this issue by investing in our carers and ensuring that they are the best in the industry because we believe this will directly translate into better care for your loved ones.

Investing in our carers

We invest in our carers both financially and educationally, providing them with additional training for professional development and paying them at a rate significantly above market average. Our home carers are paid a minimum of £11.50 an hour and undergo twice the amount of training as the majority of carers in the industry.

We stress a hands on practical training approach, which ensures that our carers have the right balance of technical and practical skills to deliver industry leading care to clients with a range of conditions. Further, our carers shadow one of our lead carers — whose industry experience ranges from 15 to 25 years — to ensure that the delivery of care that they offer is of the highest standard from the moment they start working with their first client.  

Changing the face of Care

Channel 4’s investigative report into the life of a ‘Sevacare-r’ reveals the flaws in existing care providers’ approaches towards carers and clients as well as the way in which cost-cutting has seeped into the care industry. When you employ a carer, you not only invite them into your home but into your life. This is something we truly believe in at Vida and therefore ensure that our carers take a personal approach towards clients in order to build relationships. At the end of the day we want our carers and clients to feel like part of the Vida family!

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