How to Welcome a Carer to the Family

13th September 2016

4 Ways of Welcoming a Carer to the Family

For someone suffering with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, bringing in an external carer can be a tough adjustment to make. Unfamiliar faces can cause discomfort to the patient, and even lead to aggression. In such cases, family members can play a huge role in helping ease the carer in, and fostering a healthy relationship between their loved ones and the carer. Here are four ways you can help your loved one’s carer become a part of the family:

1. To avoid alarming your loved ones with the presence of an apparent stranger around them, take your time to ease them in. In the initial few weeks of the relationship, stay around the room as they interact. Simply sit in the room as the carer serves them tea, or hold their other hand as the carer helps them walk. The familiarity of your presence will reassure them, and make them feel safer in the carer’s presence.

2. Chat with your carer and tell them about your loved ones preferences—what food do they like the most, what music do they prefer, what places do they enjoy visiting. Familiarise them with the person as much as you can. For the carer, acting on these preferences can help build a bond with the patient and remove any discomfort.

3. Make an effort to do some fun activities with your loved one and the carer around. Sing some songs, watch some TV, or even organise a picnic together. Help your loved ones feel like the carer is a part of the family, and means no harm.

4. Your own relationship with the carer will heavily impact your loved one’s judgement of them. So be carefree around them, laugh, chat, and be comfortable in their presence!

It isn’t easy for your loved one to adjust to a new person in the house, but you being at ease can go a long way in helping them trust their carer. It could be the start of a beautiful relationship.