Diabetes Carers.

Vida provides highly-trained carers to support you to complete daily activities in the comfort of your own home for however long you need them, from 1-12 hours per day.

Up to a quarter of UK residents over 65 are living with diabetes. This common health condition can have a severe impact on physical and mental health, leaving many feeling like they need support.
At Vida, we understand managing the symptoms of diabetes can mean making considerable lifestyle changes, which isn’t easy. Following a healthy diet and exercising regularly are important, as is receiving emotional support from professionals.
We provide support services to help you, or your family member, manage the challenges of living with diabetes, including advice on nutrition and assisting with the management of day-to-day symptoms.

What does Diabetes Care include?

Our carers are specially trained in the management of diabetes, to ensure you can continue to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. They provide support at home in the following areas:

  • Help with food choices, shopping and preparation
  • Advice on nutrition and regular meals to keep glucose levels stable
  • Encouragement to maintain an active lifestyle and incorporate exercise
  • Practical support to manage day-to-day symptoms, like fatigue and blurred vision
  • Assistance with monitoring blood glucose levels and medication
  • Communication with health care services
  • Emotional support for mental symptoms associated with diabetes

Personalised plans

Carers provide support in every aspect of the management of diabetes. For busy family members and friends, this offers peace of mind that their loved one is well looked after. Care packages are personalised to the individual, dependant on their needs.

How it works

  • Speak to a care professional about your or your family member’s needs, by calling 020 3653 0321 or using the form below
  • Receive a free at-home assessment from a Care Assessor
  • You’ll be matched with a suitable carer
  • You’ll begin your personalised care plan

Assessing your needs

While diabetes is a common condition, it is important to note everyone is different. At Vida, we ensure your care plan is carefully tailored to your needs. A free at-home care assessment means you’ll receive the right care, as well as an experienced and professional carer.

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