Elderly Care.

Vida provides highly-trained carers to support you to complete daily activities in the comfort of your own home for however long you need them, from 1-12 hours per day.

An elderly person might need care at home for various reasons. Whether it is you or a loved one needing support, care at home can help maintain independence as well as provide a helping hand and familiar friendly face. Whatever the need, Vida has the right carer for you.

At Vida, we provide an extensive range of services in elderly care. This includes support for those with additional health needs such as diabetes and COPD, as well as the need for help managing day-to-day tasks like shopping and cleaning. Having home care can benefit physical and mental health thanks to the support of our dedicated carers.

Benefits of elderly care

Care at home can be a great option for you or your loved one if you’re looking for a helping hand but would prefer a viable alternative to moving into a care home. We understand that leaving your own home can equate to a loss of independence and routine, or memories made. It can mean the miles grow between loved ones.  However you look at it, the thought of moving to a care home or assisted living can be stressful for all involved.

Carers for the elderly can also provide companionship and regular contact for those living alone. This helps to combat loneliness and add sunshine to your day.  For busy family members and friends helping to care, you will feel the comfort of extra support as well as much-needed respite.

Support and companionship

Vida’s qualified carers adapt to your lifestyle and adhere to your specific needs. They provide support in your own home, including help with daily activities like shopping, cooking and housekeeping as well as personal care.  Furthermore, due to our innovative app technology, Vida is able to match you or your loved one to a carer based not just on your needs but on your personality too, making conversation and friendship a given.

How it works

  • Speak to one of our care professionals about your needs by calling 020 3653 0321 or using our online form below
  • Have a free at-home assessment from one of our Care Assessors
  • You will be matched with a suitable carer
  • You’ll begin your fully personalised care plan

Assessing your needs

As everyone’s needs are different, we ensure all plans are catered to you. A care assessment ensures you receive the right care and enables us to assign the ideal team member for you.

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