Mental Health Carers.

Vida provides highly-trained carers to support you to complete daily activities in the comfort of your own home for however long you need them, from 1-12 hours per day.

Around a quarter of UK residents are currently living with a mental health issue. As an increasing amount of people are diagnosed with mental health illnesses, it is important to ensure the right care is provided.

If you or a loved one has a mental health issue, it’s OK to feel like you need support. The symptoms of conditions like depression, anxiety and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) may have an impact on your quality of life.

At Vida, we understand caring for individuals with a mental health issue requires experience, patience and a specialised skillset. Our dedicated carers provide practical, non-judgemental support in your own home, enabling you to live your desired lifestyle in a manageable way.

What does Mental Health Care consist of?

The carers in our team are specially trained to work with those with mental health issues. They provide practical support at home in the following ways:

  • Emotional encouragement and boosting self-esteem
  • Personal care, including washing and help with appearance
  • Managing medication
  • Support with social activities
  • Housework, cleaning and cooking
  • Help with household bills and managing finances

For family and friends caring for a loved one with a mental health condition, at-home care can offer much-needed support on an ongoing or short-term basis.

How it works

  • Speak to a care professional about you or your family member’s needs. Call 020 3653 0321 or use our online form below
  • Receive a free at-home assessment from one of our Care Assessors
  • You’ll be matched with a carer suited to your needs
  • Your personalised care plan will begin

Assessing your needs

At Vida, our aim is to ensure everyone is delivered bespoke care and support. With a free at-home care assessment, you or your loved one can receive the right care from the right carer.

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